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Participants spend the equivalency of 3 full days over  6 months with two facilitators being immersed in the content. Each topic and scenario is explored at length, enabling the depth of understanding required to proceed as a trainer. At the end of the course participants are equipped to facilitate the Prevention Workshops to people within their organisation


There are two stages to our training program

1. Think Prevent facilitators deliver the curriculum to allow participants to experience the training first-hand, explore the issues for themselves and practice the participatory style that  facilitators utilise to engage prevention workshop participants 

2. Participants facilitate training for their peers to practice the delivery of Think Prevent and receive feedback from both their peers and facilitators


  • Access to evidence-based bystander intervention training

  • Access to 8 years of experience in program development focused on bystander interventions that have successfully been applied

  • Access to Think Prevent Prosocial Bystander Intervention curriculum

  • Continued mentoring from Think Prevent staff as required



Participants are introduced to the gender equality framework and, the bystander intervention model to prevent gender violence using a participatory style that is modelled by the facilitators in the Prevention Workshops


Participants discuss a range of scenarios and bystander interventions. In  small groups, they practice how to lead a discussion drawing on the Facilitator Guide to direct the conversation


Participants observe a workshop and lead segments of the next scheduled workshop.to build confidence and competency in leading cultural change to prevent gender violence